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Matthew Klenk (
Senior Manager
Machine Assisted Cognition
Toyota Research Institute
Los Altos, CA

Research Interests

To increase the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, it is necessary to think broadly about tasks requiring intelligent behavior. In my research, I design intelligent agents capable of carrying out human tasks (e.g., conceptual design, team behavior, learning to solve intelligence test questions). When people perform these tasks, they draw on considerable knowledge and experiences. Consequently, my research explores possible forms of this knowledge, how it can be learned, and how it can be applied in new situations. The results of this research have applications in training simulations by creating more realistic participants, transportation, autonomous systems, decision aides and design tools.

While beyond the capabilities of current AI systems, intelligent behavior across a range of tasks would not just increase the autonomy of existing systems, but would also enable human users to treat AI systems as collaborators drawing on shared experiences in a wide array of tasks, instead of merely as tools.

Toward this vision, my research focuses on the following areas:


Please find my google scholar page for the most up to date publication list.